My projects

Here you can find all my work

Assembe let's you create an API service to serve data for your frontend app in minutes
Voidlifted is a turn-based battle game, where you run a guild in a floating island. The goal of all living peoples is to find lost earth.
Sci-Fi Styled Modular Pack
150+ free assets for Sci-Fi game
Mega Fantasy Props Pack
Huge collection of assets for medieval/fantasy game
Link chatter
App allowing you to chat by sending only generated link
Paper Rift
Strategy game loosely based on Heroes 3
Pixel in the Pipe!
Simple game about making factory
Lowpoly Modern City Buildings Set
Collection of assets designed to make a modern city
Low poly European City Pack
Unique buildings kept in European architectural style
Voxel Exterior Decorations Set
Collection of assets designed to create exterior maps
Urban Props Pack
Props designed for urban scenes.
Spaceship Construction Spirtes Set
2D assets for making space game
Lowpoly Sci-Fi buildings set
Collection of assets designed to make Sci-Fi city
Civic City Online
Abandonment game about making huge city
Lowpoly Modern City Decorations Set
Collection of assets designed to make modern city
Tavern – clicker game
Android game about running tavern
Recently Played
Abandoned project of radio tracker
Abandonment game about space sim
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