Mega Fantasy Props Pack

Mega Fantasy Props Pack

What is that?

This is a package posted on the Unity Asset store. It can be used in game development in the popular Unity Engine.


This asset can help you fill up your game with fantasy props. This package contains 280 unique prefabs!

With this, you can build quickly a scene of a shop, house, inn, etc. There is also a possibility of creating whole village or castle just using this package. Package contain 53 seamless materials of resolution 1024 x 1024. Every material has 3 additional maps:

  • Normal map
  • Metalic map
  • Occlusion map

Since all materials are seamless, you can use it in other packages. Models are low poly, but some have more polygons to make looks more attractive. An average number of polygons per model is 71 and maximum is 855. You can check full list on this spreadsheet.


This package is free for commercial use. If you want to use it, click on button bellow.