Paper Rift

Paper Rift

What is that?

Paper Rift is an experimental game made when I was learning Vue.js framework.


The concept of this game is loosely based on Heroes 3 gameplay. There is a campaign map where you can travel through land searching for enemies. When you find it, the battle begins on the hexagonal board. Between battles, you can upgrade your camp (recruiting new units or upgrade existing).

Because this game is only an experiment of a framework, it may have some bugs. I tried to eliminate all of them, but I could miss something. If you find one, please post a comment here or contact me directly.


  • Campaign map allowing you to travel through the kingdom
  • Build structures in camp (up to 16 slots for buildings)
  • Upgrading units (5 units: Archers, Cavalry, Swordmen, Axemen, and King)
  • Battles with enemies
  • Earning gold for winning a battle
  • Random events (for now it’s only one)

Possible Features

I don’t exclude that it will do following features:

  • Build the city/castle on campaign map
  • Developing city (in Heroes 3 style or like camp in game)
  • Siege of the city/castle
  • Random events on campaign map and in the battle
  • Treasures
  • Bandits camp’s
  • More units


This game is free. You can check it on my page or click button bellow.