Sci-Fi Styled Modular Pack

Sci-Fi Styled Modular Pack

What is that?

This is a package posted on the Unity Asset store. It can be used in game development in the popular Unity Engine.


This pack allows you to design beautiful levels. It is also suitable for in-game scene editors or base building games.
Package contains 202 meshes and 153 prefabs, including:

  • walls
  • floors
  • corridors
  • sci-fi machines
  • tables
  • beds
  • windows
  • stairs
  • lights
  • arts
  • column
  • computers
  • desk
  • chairs and sofa
  • signs
  • hydroponic station
  • plants
  • decorative elements
  • holograms
  • shield cores
  • batteries
  • decorative elements
  • animated doors
  • and much more

Most of the prefabs were designed to aligned to each other.

One of the biggest advantages of this pack is that all prefabs have one base material. It allows you to quickly change the style of the whole scene. Not to mention the increase in performance.

If you want to use this pack for base building game, you can simply allow the player to choose the material of models.

Some of the most usable models (walls, floors, windows) have included the LOD System thanks to LOD Group Component.

Package has two example scenes, where you can see what you can do with this pack. If you going to check them, these Standard Assets have to be imported to your project: Characters, Effects.


This package is free for commercial use. If you want to use it, click on button bellow.


If you wonder why the door is not working, I made a blog post about it here: