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Game designer and Web programmer

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Do you ever wonder how to save the progress of your game? I also struggled with this topic, but today I want to show you my approach.

My Assets License

Mar 05, 2020 Unity

All my assets are free, but can you use it in your commercial project? Short answer: Yes!

All HTTP methods can be classified as safe or/and idempotent.

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ls portfolio

Assembe let's you create an API service to serve data for your frontend app in minutes
Voidlifted is a turn-based battle game, where you run a guild in a floating island. The goal of all living peoples is to find lost earth.
Sci-Fi Styled Modular Pack
150+ free assets for Sci-Fi game
Mega Fantasy Props Pack
Huge collection of assets for medieval/fantasy game
Link chatter
App allowing you to chat by sending only generated link
Paper Rift
Strategy game loosely based on Heroes 3
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